Three Worlds Of The Americas Essay

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1° what were the key characteristics of the three worlds that encounter in the Americas? By the 15th century, the Europeans had a desire of exploration and expansion of their domination to the rest of the world. This desire led them to reach territories unknown of them before and to provoke the encounter of the territories inhabitants. These different worlds were Africa and America. This essay will focus on the social, political, economic and religious characteristics of the different societies that met in the Americas which are the Indians from the Americas, the African from Africa and the Europeans from Europe. The Indians came from the Indies to the Americas through the Beringia by 13 000 BCE. They were separated in small villages…show more content…
Europe was the dominant and America was the subordinate. Europe exploits American lands for plantations of food crops such as maize and squash and American peoples for working in these plantations. Europe also exploits the American resources such as gold. In addition to these, there was also a new phenomenon which is the indentured servants. It means that some Europeans, because of their situations, could not go to the New World; so they decided to put themselves at the service of somebody else for a definite period in order to reach the Americas and start a new life. They were as slaves. Another fact is that Europe got a richer nutrition thanks to all the crops raised in America. Moreover there was the decrease of the American population because of the diseases brought by the Europeans such a smallpox. To summarize we can say that here again, Europe was the dominant nation because it gained on economic and social aspects. We can also notice the birth of a Columbian exchange: a trade between Africa, Europe and America whose main items where slaves, manufactured goods, raw materials and food crops. Here again the main continent who benefit from this trade was Europe. Finally we can say that from the encounter of these three continents the main winner was Europe because it got richer from the commerce and because it enriched its nutrition and its domination over the world. 3° What were the crucial initial developments in that
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