Three Things That Are Memorable About Me

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Three Things that are Memorable about Me Many aspects influence our character or way of being. Our birth country’s culture, our family’s customs, and our genetic makeup are some of these aspects. In my case, since I was born in Cuba, a small island in the Caribbean Sea, my background is a Latin culture. This aspect as well as my family’s catholic custom has influenced my way of being. I am responsible, loving, and determined; these are three memorable qualities of my personality. Being responsible is an important quality of my personality. It is a priority to me to stay on time for appointments, school classes, and any other situation that requires punctuality. I have always arrived approximately fifteen minutes early to my classes. Eventually, I arrive thirty minutes early in important occasions, such as first days of classes and test days. Since I consider that missing a school day we lose a lot of new and important information, I am always present. I definitely do not like to jeopardize my grades. I will always remember once when I could not do well in a math test because I did not go the review class prior to the test. It is also very vital to me to complete school assignments before due dates. I have always tried to organize my time in order to complete them properly and as soon as possible. I also consider myself as a loving person. I love to share my time with my family. It is never enough to me to just tell them how much I love them. I especially try to stay with my grandparents as much as possible because having them alive and close to me is a blessing from Cabrera 2 God. My friends as well as my family have a special place in my heart. I am always there for them whenever they need a

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