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three things that dicsribe me Essay

  • Submitted by: firedancingflame
  • on September 28, 2008
  • Category: English
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Everybody is different; it is what makes humans so unique. Some people are taller, while others are short.   There are people who are more patient whereas others are more temperamental.   If everyone were the same, then I wouldn’t be writing this essay. But everyone is unique; everyone has their own special quirks and talents. For instance one of my pet peeves is procrastinating. I dislike being late, others being late, or an assignment being late. There are times when I begin a project two months in advance just so it will be done in plenty of time for the due date. Then there are those things that people love above all things such as food, pets, or sports.   For example I love snacking on grapes while my sister snacks on buttered popcorn. Being different from others isn’t a problem, it is what allows us to get along.   I believe myself to be an open-minded, interesting and determined person as I will explain here.
I define being open-minded as being receptive to new ideas, people and things. I am willing to accept people for who they are, not because of where they come from, or how much money they have, or because they are popular. I want people to be themselves.   I am willing to try new experiences, as long as they are fun, safe, and legal. My friends tell me that I think like a hippie, there are times when I even dress like one. I will listen to new ideas, but I will also tell you what I truly think about the idea and how it is going to work. Though this may come off as opinionated, I do wait until someone asks me what I think before telling them what I am thinking.  
I like being around interesting people. People that are interesting think around things, they have different ideas and views; sometimes they believe in different things or are from different places. I believe myself to be an interesting person. I have out of the ordinary hobbies, as I fight medieval style, I ride a mustang and I have an addiction to vampire novels.
Determination I believe has kept...

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