Three Strikes Law Reform

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The Three Strikes Law Needs Reform At one time, the term “three strikes and you are out” only meant that a player had struck out and needed to take a seat in the dugout for the rest of the inning but ever since the implementation of California’s 1994 get tough on crime measures, commonly referred to as the three strikes law, it has also come to mean that a person had been struck out and needed to take a seat in prison for the rest of their life. The legislature and voters passed the three strikes law after several high profile murders committed by ex-felons raised concern that violent offenders were being released from prison only to commit new, often serious and violent, crimes in the community. But the public perception at the time was…show more content…
And he maintains that this financial burden was passed on to California taxpayers at a rate of more than one billion dollars a year, and that figure only got higher as more non-violent offenders were imprisoned due to three strikes. Instead of wasting money continuing to house and feed non-violent three strikers for the rest of their lives this same revenue could be redirected to public education, healthcare, urban police staffing, and other critical needs. Many supporters of the three strikes law seem to make the assumption that all three strike offenders are only hard core criminals who can never hope to become law abiding…show more content…
They now realize that the law is stricter than they originally perceived because it not only targets violent and serious offenders, but also non-violent and non-serious offenders. Many organizations, such as Citizens Against Violent Crimes (CAVC) chaired by Joe Klass, have developed in a continued attempt of getting the three strikes law revised to its intended purpose. They are proposing a change in the law to exclude non-violent and non-serious offenders from receiving twenty five years to life sentences, the same sentences that violent and serious offenders currently receive. That way three strikes and you are out will once again only be uttered during a baseball game and not in a court of

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