Three Strikes Essay

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“Three Strikes” or Habitual Offender Comprehensive Exam Whitney Polen CJ 602: Comprehensive Examination Kaplan University July 31, 2014 Dr. Patricia Drown Introduction The “three strike”/habitual offender’s legislation needs to be consistent through all of the states. What it will take to understand why some offenders feel they need to repeat this criminal activity, having legislation that will work against these repeat offenders, because not all states are on board with the three strike law. Once someone is labeled a habitual offender and they commit a crime there are increases in the penalties they can be assessed. The type of crimes these offenders commit can also be ranked in a more serious class than if a first time offender had committed it. The sentencing can also add more time when a habitual offender commits a crime. This can also lead to poor opportunities of having the sentence reduced because of good behavior, because they are habitual offenders. And if a person that has been convicted of a crime once and is caught again could be classified as a habitual offender for committing the same crime. The state is not responsible in notifying these offenders of their status upon their initial conviction. The “three strike law” is alive in twenty-eight states, but twenty-two states have no legislation such as “three strikes” but most have some type of habitual offender law. Ohio will place a habitual offender on a registry for these offenses. So looking more closely at what it takes to become a “three strikes” or habitual offender and what types of punishment or sanctions that

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