Three Strikes Essay

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Final: The Three Strikes Law In picking the topic of "Three Strikes Laws" and researching weather to expand it, preserve it as is, or abolish it is believed that an expanding with modification is in the best interest for the justice system and the people that repeatedly find themselves within it. Offenders with repeat offences, are costing the court system an extreme large amount of money each year on an already tight economy. With this being said, from the research that has been conduction for this paper it is felt that expansion with clear recommendation for Federal guideline to be established for all 50 states that it is to be only use in serious and or violent crimes. This is believe to be able to define the Three Strikes Law in a way that would insure it is not over used or under used within the justice system making the “Three Strikes Law” of great benefit to all of the United States with few debate of it being unjust. Within this discussion it will discuss the debate for and ageist the use of the law, and what are believed to be the Pros and Cons as we all know every law passed come with debates and two sides that give a list of possible Pros and Cons which will be address within this paper. As well as discusses the expansion by giving a brief description of the "Three Strikes Laws," and why it is felt an expansion would benefit all 50 states and how it will address many of the Con’s that have been in debated over the years. Then it will also discuss each debated option for the “Three Strikes Law” as some believe it is missed used, while other feel it is going against the eighth amendment right and believing it should have been abolished long ago and or never established. Then the option that was picked and believed to be the best option for the debate by discussing and giving support as to why it is felt that expanding and clarifying the law is the best

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