Three Sociological Perspective

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Three Sociological Perspectives Sociology is based on many different perspectives which include Marxism, Functionalism and Feminism. This essay will take a look at these three examples and evaluate them individually. Eventually it will look at them altogether and show their similarities and differences by comparing and contrasting them. Every society starts as feudalistic. Within these societies people would fight for ownership of land. Eventually the feudalistic society will give way to what Karl Marx called capitalism, where a society is driven by money. Karl Marx was a famous sociologist and well known for his studies on social class. His name is where we get the term Marxism from. He looked to overthrow the capitalist system in favour of the structuralist approach (Perry, 2009). Marxists will always argue that the most important thing is the question of how a small group of people can exploit a vast majority of the population. They would study the power and wealth and look at the importance of social class division (Fulcher, J et al, 2007). Karl Marx believed there were only two basic classes’ the middle and the working class. Marx called the middle class the Bourgeoisie as they were either land owners or the bosses of factories and controlled society. The working class, which were the least powerful, were named the proletariat (Perry, 2009). This Marxist view allowed society to operate through class conflict and that the bourgeoisie and proletariat were opposed. Marx believed that the real wealth was created by the labour of the proletariat workers as the owners of the factories benefited from the work they produced within their factories (Perry, 2009). He would argue that the working class very rarely challenged capitalism as those who had control over the economy also had control over their families, education, religion and even the
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