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Three Psychotherapies In Gloria Tapes Essay

  • Submitted by: okiesd
  • on November 3, 2011
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Review Of The
Three Psychotherapies Used In The Gloria Tapes
Shawn Davis
P.O. Box 742
Meeker, OK, 74855
EDUC 5413 Intro to Counseling
Spring 2011

    This review was performed to examine the three psychotherapies utilized in the Gloria tapes.   The three therapies included; Client Centered by Carl Rogers, Rational Emotive Theory by Albert Ellis and the Gestalt Theory by Fritz Perls.   All three therapies were examined and their strengths and weaknesses were discovered.   The three therapies were discussed and ranked in order of effectiveness in regards to Gloria. The evolution of these theories and their merits are also discussed.   When used properly each of these theories can be useful in their own different way.   This will depend on the personality of the client as well as the magnitude of their problem.

    In this review of the Three Psychotherapies that were implemented in the Gloria Tapes it is apparent how different the three approaches are even though they are all considered psychotherapy.   The three therapies used on these tapes were the client centered approach by Carl Rogers, rational emotive theory by Albert Ellis and the Gestalt theory by Fritz Perls.   In this review the three approaches will be examined to analyze the different therapies and interviewing techniques.  
    In looking at the first approach Carl Rogers uses client centered therapy. Rogers’ approach seemed to me to be the most client friendly technique. It was a gentle approach but at the same time remained direct.   The interview began by Gloria telling Rogers why she was seeking help and counseling.   Time and time again Rogers very carefully focused on what Gloria was telling him and showed her he was listening to her problems and was following what she was saying.   By doing this he was showing her he was interested in helping her and gaining her trust.   The safer Gloria felt the deeper she would go into her problems so that they could try and get to the root of the problem....

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