Three Problems Women Face In Society

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BREAKING THE GLASS CEILING The Challenges Women Face in Today’s Society Name: Heather Davidson Date: March 18, 2008 Module: ENC 103 Topic: Three major problems affecting women in our society. Thesis statement: Despite advancements made by women in today’s society they are still affected by Domestic abuse, Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination in the workplace. Topic outline: Sentence Outline Domestic Abuse Domestic abuse has a devastating effect on the victim. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Sexual Harassment in the workplace can result in low employee morale and a decrease in productivity. Gender Discrimination in the workplace Women are not taken as seriously as men in the workplace and as such are often denied opportunities for advancement. Today’s woman has made great strides toward establishing her equality and worth in the eyes of her male counterpart. But although she may have broken many barriers and achieved great accomplishments, there are still some deep rooted issues which continue to affect her in a most insidious manner. So subtle and clandestine are these issues that if one takes only a cursory look they may even go unnoticed. However if you peer behind the secrecy which doors afford, you will find three very disturbing issues that still continue to plague women no matter how far they have come. These are the issues of domestic abuse, sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace. As a victim of domestic abuse, I have first hand knowledge of its devastating effect on women. Without so much as raising a finger a man can render a woman virtually helpless by systematically undermining her self esteem, self worth and her self respect as according to Psychology Today (2000) “Verbal, psychological, and emotional abuse have the same effects as the
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