Three Pillars Essay

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Three Pillars Essay Andrew Richardson Grand Canyon University: UNV: 504 June 24, 2014 The Ken Blanchard College of Business has embraced three distinctive pillars that set the stage and guide the College towards their future visions. Servant leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit are the three pillars which the Ken Blanchard College of Business is based upon. Taking a more in-depth look into these pillars you can actually see how each one correlates with one another. Servant Leadership There are two parts to servant leadership. Leadership is one of the most comprehensively researched social influence processes in the behavioral sciences (Parris & Peachy 2013). Leadership is the vision and direction component of servant leadership and one cannot expect to follow without knowing where they are going and their objectives. The servant approach is the want to serve individuals first rather than assume the power of leadership. Several studies found that a servant-led environment provided affirmation of justice and fair treatment, which is positively associated with procedural justice, or the perception of how a work group as a whole is treated (Parris & Peachy 2013). Servant Leadership is about helping others. It is about identifying and meeting the needs of co-workers, customers, and their surrounding community. Innovation For some, innovation means making today's products and services a little bit better (Langdon 2002). Innovation spawns from a servant led environment. Organizations that practice servant leadership want individuals to share their ideas. Innovation is the tool that allows individual to share in the power of the organization implementing their suggestions towards the companies continued vision. With innovation and leadership, entrepreneurial spirit will automatically take shape within the organization.
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