Three Penny Opera

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Tiyana Baiyewu December 1, 2012 ACAD 1100 Three Penny Opera Three penny opera was not an opera it was a play about a young women that get’s married to a criminal. The play starts out with the cast sing and they bring out a group of baggers. The baggers go to a shop that gives them clothing to use to fake people into believing they are poor. The shop is owned by Mr. Peachum and he use baggers to make money. He loans them clothing and takes half of what they make. But however during this he is singing a song about making money off baggers. Mr. Peachum wife helps him run the shop and she informs him that their daughter hasn’t come home yet. Their daughter is out running with a criminal. Polly Peachum is swapped off her feet by Macheath but he is using her to get at her father. Macheath use his friends to brake in a barn to have their wedding. They force Reverend Kimball to marry them however Macheath is already married. Macheath is a known criminal but however he has Officer Tiger Brown on his side so he always gets away. Mr. Peachum is not too happy about his daughter’s marriage so he decides to turn Macheath into Tiger Brown. He tells Tiger that if he doesn’t catch Macheath then he will call the king in. Macheath is brought to jail and that’s when you find out he has another women pregnant. In the end the court decides to kill Macheath but the kind decides to spare him his life. I think the play was good however I feel that the play was to long and should have had less singing. The play was 4 hours long and there was a lot of singing. Some of the parts of the play I don’t get and feel they have taken those parts out. It was like the play had a dark side to it and also a scary side to it. During the play I learned that some of the things you do in life will follow you. I think that Polly learned that she can’t always trust everyone and that you shouldn’t
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