Three Medical Breakthroughs

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The Three Most Important Medical Breakthroughs Throughout time, doctors have made important research and consequently found new methods and created machines to improve the medical practice. These medical breakthroughs have greatly improved life expectancy. For that reason, I am convinced that the three most important ones are the MRI scanner, the heart-lung machine and minimally invasive techniques for surgery. To begin with, doctors must diagnose their patients correctly to start the right treatment, and an important machine to do so is the MRI scanner. This machine traces neurons by tracking the oxygen and blood levels to the brain. The patient lies awake inside the MRI and is asked, for instance, to solve a math problem or to identify a colour. As it enables the doctors to study the human brain in action, it helps them to diagnose patients with brain cancer and autism among others before it is too late. When a patient has been diagnosed, treatment is the next step, but sometimes surgery is inevitable, and if we are talking about the heart, the heart-lung machine can be a matter of life and death. This device, also known as “the pump”, is used during heart surgery and does the work of the heart and lungs while they are stopped. Therefore, it is an important invention because doctors can operate on the heart knowing that the patient is still alive thanks to the machine. Last but not least, the minimally-invasive surgery is an important breakthrough in the medical field. Instead of making an extensive incision, doctors turn to minimally invasive and robotic techniques removing, for example, a kidney through a single incision in the patient’s navel. Moreover, it has improved the accuracy of procedures. At last, the patient can be sent home in a matter of days, with a shorter scar and with a virtually painless recovery. Taking everything into

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