The three main branches of government

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In the United States, the highest law is the constitution. When the constitution was written, it was designed not to allow one political group to have too much power. Reason why our ancestors separated the government into three individual branches, planned to apply a democratic government that would work to benefit the citizens and not control them. The United States government is divided into three main branches, the Judicial, executive, and the Legislative. The three main branches of government were created to work together and to allow each to have a balance of power. The question is how are the three branches of U.S. Government supposed to interact? Each branch has it own specific duty in maintaining this balance and each branch has the ability to supervise and regulate the other two. This system is known as the checks and balance system. The overall foundation of the three branches is to share authority. Each branch has separate functions and associations with each other. The Legislative branch is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The most important charge that this branch has is to make the laws for the country. Others main roles and powers that the Legislative branch works at are declare war, regulate trade, regulate money, bring to court federal officials, and override presidential vetoes. The legislative branch interacts with the other two branches in different ways. There are 435 Representatives and 100 Senators all together there are 535 members of Congress. The Legislative branch, writes laws on a bill. Therefore they can be sent to the senator then to the Representatives and finally to the President; which represent the Executive branch. They always combine their power to make better decisions for the country.
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