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Three kinds of friends you should have We all have friends, but have you ever thought of what kinds of people you should make friend with? But, it’s not just how many friends you have, it’s about the kind of friends you have that will make you happy or not. Here’s some kinds of friends you should have. The listener is on top of the list. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on sometimes, and some of our friends are better at listening than others. Not every friends can sit quietly and let you bring up your sadness without getting judgment of offering too much advice, but if you can find someone that can do that for you, hold on them. The second is the twin. Does your buddy can share every single interest that you have? If not, you should find this kind of friends as soon as possible. Twin is a kind of people that’s just like you. Whatever your passion is, this kind will share it. The motivator is a great kind of friend you always want to have. We all wish that our friends would just accept us for exactly who we are, but sometimes it’s better to have friends who motivate us. You know this kind. He is the friend who will wake you up in the morning to go running in order to keep fit as your plan. She is the one who motivate you to try your best to get out of trouble. In short, they are great friends to have. In conclusion, friends play an important role in our life. As a human being, we must have friends in order to be fulfilled. There’re many kinds of friends that fit you very well. Make a wise

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