Three Ideas Essay

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As I critique or evaluate three ideas or concepts from this course, such as the difference of being a leader and a manger, business ethics, and code of conduct and implementation; I now reflect on how they relate to the course objectives and my career goals. Being in this class has demonstrated the significance that a single person can have on decision-making and the ethical philosophy in a company. Jeopardizing non-use correct ethics in company operations is too important to be overlooked. Firstly, both a manager and a leader may know the business well but being a good manager and a good leader are two different things. From reading my classmates posts and from my research, a leader can be considered as someone who persuades, motivates, and directs individuals or organizations to achieve goals. Managers convey the vision of a leader and deal more with the technical characteristics of the company. This idea of inspiring, training, and educating employees to attain their full potential is what makes a leader dissimilar than a manager. It is also difficult to establish which is the better of the two as both all ends up doing the same thing in the long run, meeting organizational goals. During my time as a soldier of the US Army, I can truly say that it made available many opportunities for soldiers to learn how to improve their leadership and teamwork skills. As I recall, leadership in the military began in basic training, where I was taught to work as part of a team. In the Army, leaders were defined as those who use influence and organization abilities to meet the mission goals. Not only must the leader complete the mission and duties at hand, but you must be responsible for making sure the soldiers you lead achieve theirs as well. Then, from this course, discussion boards, class documents and through my own research, I have gained knowledge in relation to
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