Three George Dam

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Chapter 10 Discussion Case: The Three Gorges Dam 1. What stakeholders have been helped by the Three Gorges Dam? What stakeholders have been hurt by it? The Three Gorges Dam provided electricity for the stakeholders, it was very important for the developing of china’s economic, where the demand for electricity was projected increase of double every 15 years. Providing water control at safe level also could reduce the floods. Lastly, Hydroelectric was a safe energy source for the environment, with no emission of CO2. The stakeholders were hurt by Three Gorged Dam because it flooded at least 1.3 million Chinese rural town and villagers along the river, which had to relocate to higher ground. A water level in this area increased and destroys many local people houses. Furthermore, the reservoir also covered many unexcavated archaeological sites, destroying irreplaceable ancient heritage. 2. How does the Three Gorges Dam relate to the issues of global warming, biodiversity, and water pollution discussed in this chapter? The Three Gorges Dam reduced the emission of C)2 by thermoelectricity factory; it has also prevented the pollution that was entering into the river. The main cause of reducing biodiversity was preventing the stream and also prevented the movement of the migration of fish was blocked, and plants and animals adapted to the river habitat would die out. 3. Do you agree with the decision of the Chinese government to construct the Three Gorges dam? Why or why not? I agree with the decision of the Chinese’s government to construct the Three Gorges Dam because it will not only help end the deadly floods that happen in the area every five years, it will also allow many in the inland area to enjoy a better quality of life and also allow the emission free hydroelectric generation of electricity. The population of China is in desperate

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