Three Day Training

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Three day Orientation and Training After the selection process in hiring a new sales clerk the orientation and training begins. With in the orientation and training will be the aspects of training and having the knowledge of the computerize cash register system, interaction with customers, and knowledge of products the company sells. The three day program would start with orienting the new employee, and steps through out the three days of training (Axia College, 2004). The first day would start the orientation with the supervisor and human resource department. Step one will be in welcoming the new employee to make them feel wanted in the new position. Next would start the philosophy of the retail store, and explain the operations and different levels of authority with the relation to each other. Then go in what is expected of the new employee explain the importance of what is expected in how it relates on the company and how customers, and other employees see the company. Explain what type of attitude, reliability, emotional maturity, and personal…show more content…
The break down involves all that the job requires throughout the employees shifts and breaking down in clear understanding components for the employee. Each component then gives a task that the employee is able to work toward completing task in the time limit. First is the computerized cash register by breaking down functions on the register, how to ring up sales, make any returns if employee is allowed, and be able to handle credit cards, and cash. Second is in customer care break down how to approach a customer, be able to answer any questions they might ask, and help look for what the customer might need. Third is the product the company is selling. Break down on what the merchant is and functions, Eye catching techniques to display the merchandise, and any dusting, or wiping down the merchandise (Axia College,

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