Three Day Food Intake

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Three Day Food Intake Jane Williams SCI 220 January 30, 2010 The Three Day Food Intake During a three day period, I used I-Profile to keep track of my food and beverage intake of my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Over the three days, I-Profile tracked my single nutrients. During the three days, the food I ate provided Protein, carbohydrates, and lipids, which is also called fat. Day 1 I consumed grapes, pineapples, wheat bread, a slice of cheese, burrito with beans and cheese, chocolate covered raisins and a Subway cookie. Day two the food that provided protein, lipids, and carbohydrates are southwest egg rolls, fajita taco with lettuces and tomatoes, grapes, popcorn and chips. The third day I consumed Subway club sandwich, meatloaf, orange juice and grapes. The recommended intake of protein for the first day is 10-35% I only consumed 151 Kcal. My recommended carbohydrates were 45-65% in intake for day one is 1189 Kcal, which is acceptable, I need to cut out some carbohydrates such as the Subway cookie and the Chic-fil-A lemonade, both have between 60-63 carbohydrates. The fat I consumed on day one was 28% I should consume no more than 35%, I am within the acceptable range. Day two of using the I-profile I was within the acceptable range of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. My protein was a bit low so I should have eaten more chicken or turkey on this particular day. The third day was the same, I did not eat any breakfast and my protein is 15% the normal range is 10-35%, I should have consumed more meat. I was not surprised by my daily intake of protein because some days I eat lots of meat, and some days I do not eat meat at all or just a small portion of meat. Of the three days, my total protein intake totaled 167 grams. The daily intake for carbohydrates should be 231-338 grams, all three days I was within range. I was surprised with my lipid intake on

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