Three-Day Diet Recall And Analysis (Vitabot)

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Assessment 6 Three-Day Diet Recall & Analysis (Vitabot) Before beginning the assignment, go to and click on “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT”. Then enter your 6-digit “activation code” given to you by your instructor. Enter your instructor’s FIRST and LAST name. On the next screens enter the relevant information. Enter your username _______________; and password ___________________ (save here). You will need your username and password each time you log on. View the 2 tutorial video clips in the “Create a Mealplan” area before doing other things. Experiment…show more content…
It is ideal if you can use 1 week-end day and 2 weekdays. Also, be sure to include serving size for each item (e.g. 32 oz. Sprite, or 2 slices of cheese, etc.). Log in to Vitabot with your username and password using the link given above. Click on “Create a Mealplan”. Select the day/date that you wish to enter info on near the top left of the screen (MEAL PLAN CALENDAR pull-down menu). Then Follow the directions to input your food and drink for one day. Use the “Create a Mealplan” screen to enter each item that you ate for that particular day. Include meals and snacks for whatever you ate and drank. Adding FOOD: You may add food for a particular meal or snack by clicking on the “get suggestions” link beside a specific meal. OR you may enter the name of the actual food or drink in the search box near the top right corner of the screen beside the “Start Here à” indicator. Then select the serving size and meal you wish. Enter each item for that…show more content…
In the bottom right of the screen click on “printer friendly version”. Vitabot will open a new browser window with that day’s info and will open a print box for you to select which printer to use. NOTE: You may use that printer command box to SAVE that day as a .pdf file and print it later. That will make sure you don’t lose that day’s food, and will allow you to print that day’s output whenever you wish. For Days 2 & 3, use the MEAL PLAN CALENDAR near the top left of the screen to select the specific date you wish to enter food for. Then repeat the steps to add your food and beverages for Day 2. Print/Save Day 2. Repeat the process again for Day 3. be sure that you are entering food for a different day (not adding on to what you did for Day

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