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Jane Craig Mr. James English 11 29 March 2012 Three Cups of Tea Final Essay A regular guy named Greg Mortenson puts the ordinary in extraordinary! This man miraculously did something to benefit thousands of children in Pakistan. In the novel, “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson, Mortenson goes to help the impoverished country Pakistan by building schools even though he had no money at all. Mortenson proves that you don’t have to be wealthy to help others. All one needs is to have the quality of being dedicated and being able to put in countless time and effort into the goals you want to achieve successfully in life. Though having money makes helping others easier, Mortenson received donations and also fundraised to obtain it. He also tried to save money the best way he could. “To save money while he was trying to raise funds for the school, Mortenson decided not to rent an apartment. He had the storage place.” (55) Clearly Mortenson did whatever it took to save money because his main ambition was to get as much money as he could so that it could go towards building the schools for the uneducated children. When you really want something you have…show more content…
Mortenson received donations and funded all the money he earned and worked very hard for it. He even sacrificed leaving his new family to go back to Pakistan to make sure he kept his promise to finish building the schools for the uneducated children. By building these schools he knew for sure it would help the children in the long run and that he was making a change bigger than life itself. Even though Mortenson faced many daunting challenges in his hectic quest, he managed to dedicate himself one hundred percent to this life changing experience no matter what he encountered. This man was a very inspiring humanitarian who had no money in the beginning of his journey but succeeded to help thousands in need in

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