Three Cups of Tea Essay

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Zach Bayreuther April 16, 2012 Nonprofit Business Three Cups of Tea A social entrepreneur has a tremendous amount of passion for helping people. Not only do they relentlessly peruse their vision but their main measure is the number of lives that they positively affect. This positive affect that social entrepreneurs have on people is what fuels their fire for what they do. A social entrepreneur can be a male or female, rich or poor, educated or non-educated. The only common characteristic is that they have a drive for solving problems. Most social entrepreneurs fail many times but never quit. I would definitely consider Greg Mortenson a social entrepreneur. He went through struggles, prosperous times, and in the end his passion was what made him successful. One of his main struggles was when Changazi made arrangements for Mortenson’s K2 trip and also agreed to keep Mortenson’s goods in a warehouse. Mortenson got persuaded by Akhmalu (a cook from the expedition) to visit Akhmalu’s village. While he was in the village he was the “object” of two cities because they both wanted Mortenson to build schools. Mortenson goes on the say that he promised the school to Korphe. This didn’t stop Akhmalu’s people. They tried to impress Mortenson by feasting. After the feast, Akhmalu takes Mortenson back to Skardu. Mortenson felt uneasy because Changazi would not show him the stored supplies. Eventually, later in the book Mortenson cannot find Changazi or the building supplies. He gets help from Ghulam Parvi, (An astute accountant working for Changazi) and locates the missing supplies in an abandoned hotel. During this fiasco, Mortenson could have given up once his supplies were all gone but like a good social entrepreneur’s he solved a problem and did not quit. Next, Mortenson travels to Changazi’s village and is again faced with another feast and

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