Three Behaviorchallenges Essay

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I never had thought of how many different behavior challenges a teacher has to face. Even though I have been a teacher before, I never had deep thoughts about the students’ behavioral challenges. Now looking at the list of about 123 behavioral challenges, I have difficulty to decide which ones to address, because I find them all very important. Anyways, here are my three choices; The Attention Demander: This type of student is usually loud. He/she responds negatively to the authority. Always tries to force his/her way into peer groups. Waits for special reminders from the teacher for even the very basic classroom routines. To handle this situation, I will try to be kind, polite, and firm at all times. I will model the behavior I want from the student. If this student is not respecting the authority, I will give him/her the responsibility for some classroom task. This way he or she will have the idea of how it feels when others won't listen to us or won't let us do our work or responsibly. This will also satisfy the urge of being in the lime light. I will try not to embarrass the child, instead I will talk to him or her separately. For extreme cases, I will work with the school management and the parents and seek the counselor's help, if necessary. The I Can’t: I have seen this type of behavior in a couple of students and the best solution I found for their problem is individual attention and encouragement. What I have learned from this module, I will try to implement that as well, if I encounter with students who have this type of behavior. I have learned four motivational techniques which are as followed; first is “assumption” it means that teacher should hand the activity to the student and assume that he/she will do it. Second, “Choice” which means that give student two or three options and then walk away. Third, “Minor Point” which is that make the primary

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