Three Aspects Commonly Appear in Science Fiction Movie by Steven Spielberg

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Three Aspects Commonly Used in Science Fiction Movies by Steven Spielberg Steven Allan Spielberg or Steven Spielberg is an American film director, screen writer, producer, and studio entrepreneur. Spielberg won the Academy Award for Best Director for some films that he made. He is also one of the co-founders of DreamWorks movie studio. He is considered one of the most popular and influential filmmakers in the history of cinema. His movies have covered many themes and genres, especially science-fiction (“Steven Spielberg”, 2013). Science fiction is one of genre of movie. It is much easier to decide which movies belong to science fiction genre, and which do not, if we have some kind of a definition to go by. Based on book Fiction: The Elements Of The Short Story Gordon and Kuehner (1999: 397) had argued that science fiction, as its name suggest, is rooted in scientific and technological truths or in the possibility of scientific advancements based on what is known. So, from my epilogue i conclude that there is a relation between Steven Spielberg and science fiction. Because many movies of Steven Spielberg that i had watched are science fiction genre. But i just use one movie for this object paper. I took one fenomenal science fiction movies produced by Steven Spielberg featuring one of the best hollywood actor, Tom Cruise, War of The Worlds (2005). In this movies i conclude there were at least 3 things that always appear and used in the science fiction film by Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg is back with a new movie, new aliens and this time they are not friendly, trying to destroy the earth. War of The World is one of box office movie in hollywood. An adaptation of H.G Wells's classic 1898 novel, Steven Spielberg tried to represent from the written novel into the visual, movie. War of The World is tell about the alien-invasion but it is different from earlier

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