the three alibrandi women and coping Essay

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'' The three women in this novel had found their own, very different means of coping with their problems, their relationsips with men have caused them. With close reference to the text, discuss these. Which of the following women has best succeeded do you think?'' The Three cursed Alibrandi women are each in their own way a perfect example of many problems or complications which arise from a relationship, or the downfall of a relationship in the emotional or psychological sense. The Novel ''looking for Alibrandi'' demonstrates three examples of relationships with, Nonna Franseco, Christina and Josephine, three generations of alibrandi women, each with their own stories, each with their own ways of coping with their problems. Nonna Franseco, was born in italy and was, in her youth, a beautiful, intelligent teenager who just wanted to fufil her emotional needs love, comfort, sex or just plain social interaction, but was forced to ignore them as her father had organised a marriage with an older man which she could not refuse. He later decided to move to Australia and Katia was forced to accompany him and leave behind her family, her friends, and her home to move somewhere she didnt know much off, a land which couldn't understand her language and where she could not understand anyone, and live there and at times stay home by herself for weeks on end with no social comfort or support, having to fend for herself while Fransesco was off working. Nonna Katia explains she hated the first year in Australia because of these reasons. One day however she had gone to town to recieve a letter from her family, Katia says getting letters from her family was like going to heaven, however this letter had informed Katia that her mother and father had died, She became hysterical in the middle of the post office until she was carried out by an Australian man by the name of Marcus

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