Three Ad Examples of Propaganda Techniques

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All around us, we can see a lot of propaganda ads on television, magazine, newspaper, and etc. What is propaganda? In the article by Ann McClintock, it states that propaganda “is a systematic effort to influence people’s opinions, to win them over to a certain view or side.” I believe we have been influenced by the propaganda advertisements. Some psychologists’ point of view consider that propaganda are in fact changing our mind and heart, because they make our spirits full of material desires. For instance, sometimes we purchase something that we don’t even need because of our desire. Maybe we are not really aware of how big influence propaganda is in our daily life. Undeniably, propaganda alters our value of living. Therefore, we can not under estimate the propaganda power, with the intention of having an effect on us. In McClintock’s essay, she defines seven different types of Propaganda techniques in today’s marketing, which are: Name calling Glittering Generalities Transfer, testimonial Plain Folks Card stacking Bandwagon I selected three ads from magazines which are: 1)Acai natural energy boost 2) Proactive solution 3) Miracle-Gro organic plant food Through these advertisements, I hope to provide example and clarification on which techniques each advertisement use, to attract the buyer’s interest and attention. My first ad example is the Acai natural energy boost. This example uses the techniques of glittering generalities and card stacking. The glittering generalities makes the people feel warm and comfortable of the merchandise. As McClintock writes: “Advertisers surround their products with attractive and slippery words and phrases.” Just like in this ad, the advertiser try to promote their product by using words of “healthy” and “natural”. When the readers see this ad they may believe that this product is good for them. The reader

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