Threat And Vulnerability Essay

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Threat and Vulnerability Assessment When conducting a threat and vulnerability assessment of our company, we must look at many factors that can contribute to any lose of production or personnel safety that may occur. There are different threats we must take into consideration such as natural events, accidents, or intentional acts to cause harm. The federal government has implemented the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) Security Design Criteria. The ISC Security Design Criteria states, “The application of the Security Design Criteria is based on a project-specific risk assessment that looks at threat, vulnerability, and consequences, three important components of risk… The building’s specific security requirements should be based on risk assessment-done at the earliest stages of programming…” ( 2006-2010). Is the Acme building located in a location with a history of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricane, tornados, etc). We need to pull history data to evaluate the probability for an occurrence of this sort of threat. We also need to contact the local law enforcement to check on the criminal activity within the local surroundings. Because the Acme Company manufactures high-tech night vision equipment it increases the threat attractiveness. The amount of money that can be made from selling the equipment produced in this company is phenomenal; which increases the threat on this company. On the same note, potential terrorist threats on this company are possible. The manufacture of military equipment can always be a potential terrorist target. Is the location of the building easily accessible and how is the perimeter and security? The less of an easy target we can make the company, the better the likelihood of an attack will be discouraged. Since terrorist attacks are by
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