Thoughts on Piece in an Air Raid: Response

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Woolf uses multiple descriptions to paint a picture of the events that she had experienced in her life. The author begins this essay in first-person plural, present tense to make the reader feel more as if they are speaking to the reader. As the author writes as if your speaking to him which helps to appeal to the ethos of a writer. After the author made it clear that they know what they are talking about and that you have background information on the topic itself, Wolff argues for women to fight the war. Figurative language is a tactic that Wolff uses well in order to argue for women to fight the war. While all of the men are up in the skies and in the battle fields fighting the wars, women are sitting in their dwelling disarmed. Wolff believes there is a way for women to fight in wars without arms; fighting with the mind. The hornet metaphor, “And the hornet in the sky arouses another hornet in the mind”, creates an analogy that if the men fighting in the sky start to fight, the women on the ground should fight with ideas to create just as much of destruction towards the enemy. A simile used by Wolff, “The drone of the planes is now like the sawing of a branch overhead”, describes that there could be a man over your house that could stop and think that he may be killed. The women can help the men to escape “subconscious Hitlerism in the hearts of men”, by thinking for the man and helping the subconscious Hitlerism in him to suppress. Wolff states, “If we could free ourselves from slavery we should free men from tyranny”. It’s up to women to fight that mental war against the enemy to free the aggression and the desire to enslave and
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