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Banning Book Articles Responses Censorship and Book Banning in America: When I read this article the first reaction that came to mind was how naïve some people, mostly adults, can be. Here are these people banning the Twilight saga because of a certain religious viewpoint, or some of the infamous Harry Potter books in the series because of witchcraft while their kids are reading even worse books, for example 50 Shades of Grey. Now I realize that not every child is running around reading these types of books, but ultimately if you shield them from these things and they someday find out about them, they will want to disobey you and read them even more. My second reaction while I was reading this article was that do the higher administrators not recognize that “suggestive themes”, such as racism and rape can, even though it may not seem it at the moment, teach the children valuable lessons about life? These things really do happen around the world, and the children need to realize and understand that. Sheltering them from what happens outside of their life only hurts them more in the long run. My final reaction to this article was a response to the last paragraph. The themes that were listed, such as mythology and Arthurian legends should never be banned. Those are stories of our past and if we go as far as to take away that from our children what will THEIR children grow up reading about, how their parents survived the apocalypse, or how they used to own 10mm wide phones instead of the paper thin ones they are growing up with now? We all must think of the consequences before we go fooling with something as important as reading. The Freedom to Read Statement by the American Library Association: My first reaction as I was reading this article was found in the first paragraph. The statement, “These actions apparently rise from a view that our national tradition of

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