Thought Process Essay

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In this paper I will assess my own unique personal style and how my style affects my decision making and thought process. Each individual has their own process as they make their own conclusions and decisions. I will go through the four major styles and assess my own personal styles and how they compare to the other styles. As with any comparison it will have its own strengths and weaknesses. Management Module 4 SLP My Strategic Processing Styles My primary strategic processing style would be a hypothetical analyzer; as I am always in constant thought, no matter what I am constantly in thought about something. I think being that kind of person outside of the workforce, I would most certainly find myself being that way in the work force. I am constantly thinking ahead, analyzing what I can do to make things better, and smoother; I am constantly rolling scenarios through my mind of the options I could face ahead and how they might play out, good or bad. I believe my second style would be logical, I want results, but get them while paying attention to detail, I do have a method to my madness.(Unknown, ca. , p. 9) Society has more roles for this style than any other. They keep the social machine running and provide the environment within which other styles can prosper. They are the bedrock for large – scale organizations. (Nelson, n.d., p. 1) My Strategic Pattern My strategic pattern is considered to be conservative, I must have all the facts before hand, there is no flying blind for me. This style

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