Thought Of Loneliness Essay

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That evening it was raining heavily, I reached home after long day at office and was surprised to see locked door. I searched for my mobile to call her and suddenly remembered that she went to her friend’s house to attend some function, for which she insisted me to come two days back. Laughing at myself slowly I opened the door with the spare key. After locking the door from inside, I entered into neatly furnished room. She wants things to be in place and you should look anger on her cute face, when I ask for the things which are misplaced by me. I changed into night wears and went to kitchen along with my mobile to get something to eat. Hmmm, five missed calls from her may be she might have called before leaving to her friend’s place. Thought of calling her and get those cute scolding from her, but I don’t want to spoil her mood now, so I sent her a message about my status. With cup of coffee and few biscuits, I went to bedroom and switched on the music system before settling myself near the window, where I will get the clear view of front garden and road. As I was sipping coffee, rain drops, which are trying hard to enter through the open window, started to fall on my face. With each tick of clock, thoughts of her started to take control of me. I know, I was not spending enough time with her. Sometimes I feel emptiness when I think about those golden days, going out with her, messaging and talking to her on phone. Whoa! Aren’t they precious, yes they are. Luckily, one and half years back my love story ended with marriage without many complications from elders and our life started off pretty well. We used to spend more time by sharing all kinds of nonsense, used to go out twice a week and watch movies together during weekends. During hard times, I keep my head on her lap and like to go to sleep while she caresses my hair. In past

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