Thought of Life Essay

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Capital punishment violates a person's "right to life", as does war, abortion, and euthanasia. The Declaration of Independence leaves the definition of "life" open to interpretation, which has lead many people to expand it to mean "quality" of life. The criminal is deemed unfit to live; the enemy is deemed unworthy to live; unwanted children are judged to be better off not living; as are the terminally ill. None of these "quality" judgements nullifies anyone's "right" to live. They simply violate that right. Liberty is a perception. We are all free to think and do as we please. The limitation to this right lies mainly in where we, as individuals, draw our personal lines. The story of the elephant trainer illustrates my point quite well. The trainer secures the infant elephant with a mighty chain, hitched to a formidable post. As the elephant grows larger,the trainer replaces the chain with a weaker tether, such as rope, secured to a stake. When the elephant is mature, the rope has been replaced with string, tied to a blade of grass. By this time, the elephant is certainly strong enough to escape the string, but has long ago stopped resisting what he first knew as chains. We all have many strings in our lives, tied to blades of grass. Our right to liberty may also limited by our fear of consequences. Free thinking and free behavior are not always rewarded. Freedom of thought, freedom of behavior, the liberties we cherish so in name, are rarely cherished in action. Yet again, these rights are violated, they are denied, but they are not taken

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