Thought and Language Essay

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<BR> <br> <br> <br>Thought and language is the understanding of human cognition and communication. There are three major links to this process: <br>1- Biology and Behavior - Language information comes from the auditory cortex for spoken language or from visual cortex for written language. Motor Cortex produces speech. The behavior comes from the association cortex. <br>2- Psychological Disorders and their treatment - For example- in here they are talking about schizophrenics- which is when thought and language are often disorganized or the tendency of one thought to be logically unconnected or only superficially related to the next. <br>Schizophrenia usually includes a bewildering assortment of delusions, delusions with persecu-tion, also, in brief, it includes: thought broadcasting, thought blocking or withdrawal and thought insertion. Usually this desease is cured by psychotherapy and medication. <br>3- Social Psychology - talking about the comparisson of problem solving and individual problem solving - this chapter states that the group solving is faster because they have more ideas and eliminate them until they come to one idea and stay with it - in my personal opinion individual thinking is better and faster - I think it all comes to a personal opinion. Most people do better and faster in group solving - that would be co ndiered team work, but in this time and age, people are too selfish to be sharing ideas, so it is based more upon each individual person. <br> <br>Is experience always the best teacher? Yes, I have found out throughout time that when O have done something, whether positive or negative, I learn from it. In my case, I was told what to do and what not to do throughout my early years, when I came out on my own, it took me a while to adjust to the "real world" and I learned through my mistakes, ans I am still learning
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