Thou Shalt Not Kill Analysis

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------------------------------------------------- Thou shalt not kill This short story talks about some very ethical questions. This story tells about a traumatic situation where it is very hard to find the boundary between whether it is okay to use weapons or not. The story also talks a lot about regret and having a hard time moving on from bad experiences. And what are really the terms of using weapons? Can it actually be the right thing to do? The story takes place in Miss Quinners house in New England. The story has to main Characters. Peter Very and Harriet Quinner. Mr Very is a reverend who lives in New England. He is a square-jawed, square-built little man. Mr. Very is also very persuasive, and he finds it important to make people sign a petition to disarm the country. He keep on trying to persuade Miss Quinner into signing the petition even though she made it clear from the beginning that she is not interested. We see this in the following quotes: “and yet you refuse to sign a petition calling upon our own country to disarm.” “Someone must lead the way. Thou shalt not kill. Someone must show that there can be no excuse for murder” “…. he was anxious to get his petition signed” Mr. Very see himself as a very wise and intellectual person, who is better than others. We see this clearly in this quote: “…. Convinced that there were two sides to every question –his own and the wrong side.” Harriet Quinner Harriet Quinner lives in a very old-fashion white clapboard house with a garden. This house has belonged to the family for several generations. Everyone respects Miss Quinner. She is a very peaceful person. She has been a member of every peace society formed in her town. Miss Quinner is very interested in old ruins and she loves birds. She has been a member of the Audobon society, which is founded for the

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