Thou Blind Mans Mark Essay

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"Thou Blind Man's Mark" Essay Throughout the sonnet of " Thou Blind Man's Mark", the speaker uses a desperate tone to show that desire is a target no one can overcome. He portrays desire with a conflictive tone and a bitter description. The speaker describes that desire can take aside value from numerous of things. He also conveys conflict with the temptation desire gives him. The speaker sees it as a vague tendency that is never and will never be satisfied. Within this essay it is difficult to identify what the desire of this blind man's mark may be but whatever it is he cannot seem to accomplish it. Moreover, in addition with this in mind, the first thought of this poem begins with him being a victim. Desire can lead to a man's downfall and destruction. The speaker is trapped in desire and cannot find his way out. He then goes and compares desire to a "...fool's self-chosen snare..." illustrating that desire is an act of foolishness, in continuation he accuses desire to be a "...web of will..." which is a difficulty brought by men upon themselves. He continues to use repetition on specific sets of words to emphasize his negative impact with desire. Another example is " With price of mangled mind...", an idea of him trying to accomplish the task of defeating desire yet he does not achieve anything but still loses the sanity he had left. The speaker demonstrates desire to be a trap that you won't ever be able to escape. It is a dangerous yet mouth watering craving that has deeply no worth. Furthermore, within the second thought he transitions into becoming a survivor. The speaker fights off desire and tries to escape. Where he says "For virtue has this better lesson taught..", now virtue is what he is after. He wants to go from being weak with low standards to having high moral standards. Although in this same line the ends tone shifts a tad where it
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