Those with Power Abuse It Essay

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In the novel Animal Farm, the author George Orwell highlights the corrupting influences of power by dividing his characters into two groups; those with power and those without it. Orwell uses animal characters to represent the human nature of cruelty, greed and selfishness of man. Old Major’s speech highlights man’s corrupt and exploitative use of power causing the animals to start a revolution. Mr Jones is expelled from Manor Farm as he was overbearing, and we are exposed to Napoleon and Snowballs contest to power. Napoleon manipulates himself into leadership which becomes increasingly dictatorial. Squealer is able to use a range of propagandist techniques to take advantage of the animals and make them believe whatever Napoleon wants. Old Major realises that animals; “are forced to work to the last atom of our strength; and in the very instant that our usefulness has come to an end we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty.” He is the first to truly understand man’s brutality and egotism and is the one to suggest the revolution to ensure this comes to a stop. Mr Jones was using the animal’s skills and produce to his advantage leaving the animals in ‘miserable conditions’. Old Major tells all the animals about how man consumes without producing and steals from the animals labour. Old Major seed the thought of revolution in the animals head convincing them that once man is overthrown the animals will live in equality, his philosophy being ‘all animals are equal.’ Old Major died soon after his powerful speech of resolution and Mr Jones’s tyranny is replaced by that of Napoleon and his henchmen. Napoleon led the animals to chase away Mr Jones and immediately began to take leadership over the animals in the farm. Napoleon’s usurpation of control begins which he takes control of food rations in the second chapter. The pigs took the liberty to direct and supervise the

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