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Andy Eakes 12/11/10 P.4 Mr. Jimenez If you lived in Concord, Massachusetts during the 1830’s and 1840’s you would have definitely heard of Henry David Thoreau, but you wouldn’t have thought as highly of him as we do today. You would’ve most likely thought he was crazy. During Thoreau’s time there was a huge dispute over the American and Mexican border, which led to a war that angered many people. The only problem was that nobody wanted to oppose the government. Everyone kept their thoughts to themselves. Henry Thoreau wasn’t like most people. Ever since he was young Thoreau was never afraid to protest against something that he thought wasn’t right. He was never concerned about what people thought about him; he just wanted his message to get across. Today we compare him to people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and other peaceful abolitionists who he influenced. Thoreau has been called a hero and rightfully so. Thoreau did whatever it took to show people what had to be done. His beliefs influenced many of the world’s greatest martyrs. In my mind Thoreau is a hero that nobody knows about, and deserves peoples’ attention. What exactly is a hero? Today, we see heroes as people who have special “powers,” like Superman or Spiderman, but theres more than that. According to the definition of hero is a man of distinguished courage and ability. The problem with society today is that we expect so much out of people we completely miss heroes that do little things to make a change, like people who go out of their way to make a difference in someone or some people’s lives. Also, there are heroes who stand up for what they believe is right. That was Henry Thoreau. He believed that the Mexican War was wrong and wasn’t going to be quiet. He went out of his way, going to jail, to make a statement and open people’s eyes to the unnecessary war

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