Thomas Pain Common Sense Analysis

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Could a mere pamphlet written by a lowly corset maker named Thomas Pain have been the inspiration of one of our nation’s most precious and highly regarded documents? In 1776 many people had already decided that independence from Great Britain was best for the American colonies but were afraid to speak such a thing out loud. Most were still undecided on the matter or couldn’t separate themselves from what they believed was their mother country. Thomas Pain saw this and anonymously published his pamphlet “Common Sense” in January of 1776. Through this pamphlet he addressed those issues and made it possible for public support of independence to gain ground. Knowing this, it isn’t hard to wonder: Would the Declaration of Independence have been written if “Common Sense” hadn’t opened the door before it? Thomas Pain was born in England and made his living there until 1774 when his life made many changes and he met Benjamin Franklin, who encouraged him to try his luck in America. Inspired by the American Congress’s refusal to separate from Britain and Britain’s treatment of the colonies he wrote “Common Sense”. It was a pamphlet designed to awaken the people of the American colonies to the unjust treatment done to them by Great Britain and to unite them against British rule. He wrote the pamphlet…show more content…
“Common Sense” made the American people realize that they deserved to be free and independent, to start a new life in all respect and to leave the tyranny and cruelty they were running from behind. The Declaration of Independence built on Pain’s pamphlet declaring what he stated in “Common Sense” and adding to it the things that all American’s hoped for and strived to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of
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