Thomas More: Utopia

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Sir Thomas More was born in England on February 6th, 1478 and was an English Lord Chancellor, humanist, and martyr. More was born into an English family not of nobility, but a family with a rich history of service to the English crown. As a young man Thomas More study Latin at St. Anthony’s grammar school in London, and also study under Archbishop Morton at his palace household. From there More went on to study at Canterbury college where he perfected his skills in grammar, rhetoric and logic . During these years Thomas More would perfect his ideas that would lead him to his most notable work Utopia. Sir Thomas More’s Utopia is a work of fiction, yet it is rich with political ideologies and philosophy. The work is a humanist dialogue and satires English and European society, “Utopia broadly satirizes European society for its short-sighted love of gain, its lack of true Christian piety and charity, and its unreasonableness” . Through this document study, Sir Thomas More’s first book of Utopia, will be transcribed. Document Transcription: The fyrste boke of the communycacion of Raphaell hythlodaye concernynge the best state of a commen wealthe. The moste vyctoryous and tryumphante Kynge of Englande Henry the ight of that name in all royal vertues Prince moste peerlesse, hadde of late in contraversie with the right hyghe and myghtie king of Castell weightye matters and of greate importaunce, for the debatement & final determination wherof ye kinges Maiest set me Ambassadour into flauders ioined in commission with Cuthebert Tunstall a man doubteles owte of comparison, and whom the kinges maiestie of late to the greate reioysyng of all men did preferre to ye office of maister of ye Rolles: but of thys mans prayses I [f.1r] will saye nothynge, not bycause I do feare that small credence shalbe geven to the testymony that commyth owt of a frindes mouthe: but
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