Thomas Jefferson's Childhood: An Introduction To The Encampment

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------------------------------------------------- Introduction to the Encampment (1) ------------------------------------------------- On the eve of this marvelous creation, there stood a man of dynamic ability and unprecedented foresight. He was a pioneer of his time with revolutionary intuition, knowledge and capability that would impregnate the minds of for future generations to follow. Thomas Jefferson would construct these halls of truth, liberty and justice that continually reach for the sky today just as they began in 1822. The Rotunda would serve its place in history as a beacon of hope for centuries to come. Through the desire and sweat of man and mule, lunatic and nomad, white and black the groundwork of the Rotunda would be carved from the earth from the swift…show more content…
The finest carpenters and other woodworkers collaborate as if they were but a single hand painting a portrait. Working in unison to express open door creativity they objectively demonstrate perfection. Working both throughout the night and day; the carpenters constantly refine even the most remote details striving for nothing short of flawlessness. The interior pillars crafted with broad shafts stemming to the ceiling with leaves peeling back towards the floor like a bountiful tree. Handrails united together in perfect circumference acting as a crown. Elegantly embroidered trimmings that mount the walls and ceiling illustrate the delicacy and tenderness of a woman. The sky light of the Rotunda creates a halo from heaven to earth, sending chills down your spinal column as if even Jefferson’s creation would replicate a direct connection with the Lord

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