Thomas Jefferson: The Foundation Of A Successful Nation

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The Foundation of a Successful Nation There are many distinct characteristics that a group of individuals or country must meet before it can be considered a unified nation. Characteristics of a unified nation do not involve such arbitrary things such as race or linguistics. While its truly hard to distinguish exactly what it takes to become a unified nation there are many articles that describe the things that stop a group of individuals from becoming one. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence to address and resolve all of the grievances that the American Colonies had under the rule of the British Empire. In this document, Jefferson exemplified the colonies need to declare independence by first stating what a true government’s purpose was, then by giving specific examples of how British rule was unsatisfactory. In the beginning passage to the King, Jefferson defines the purpose of government. “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” A country cannot be a nation when the government does not fulfill its purpose. The country will be spilt because of the objections with the government. Jefferson also uses multiple literary techniques throughout the Declaration to unify the colonies under a…show more content…
While sometimes countries are divided by race, its not the actual difference in race that caused the division. The division is in actuality caused by inequalities among the races, or the clashing of cultures. “The nation was being spilt with the issue of race because they did not feel equal therefore they were separate. The same way as if you conquered a country and then tried to be one nation with completely different cultures.” A passage from Negro Declaration of Independence. Until the two races and cultures can coexist equally without social problems they cannot be part of the same
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