Thomas Jefferson: An American Hero

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Whether it’s Superman, Batman, or Spiderman, almost every child has a fantasy of becoming a super hero. They want to leap tall buildings in a single bound, fly around the world, or miraculously escape death. However, these kinds of heroes are just modern heroes bought up by the imagination of the artist. They do not exist in the real world and are therefore just an idea. Although the comic book heroes are much more popular than classic American heroes, the comic book hero is rooted from these same literary works which once amazed people in the past. A hero can be almost anything or anyone, as long as they are looked up to by someone. Even villains can be heroes as long as there is someone that admires them. Parents, the company boss, or even a friend can be a hero. One example of a classic America hero is Thomas Jefferson. While Thomas Jefferson could not fly, nor could he leap tall buildings, he possesses the same attributes as modern day comic book heroes. The characteristics of an American hero are in Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was born and raised on a farm called Shadwell on April 13, 1743. Many cannot deny Thomas Jefferson is an American hero. Is Jefferson an American hero? At the age of nine, Jefferson began studying the classical languages of Latin, Greek, and French. This is remarkable for a child at such a young age to be learning three different languages. Not only did he study different languages at a very young age, but he was also very successful in his life. He was a mathematician, plantation owner, etymologist, horticulturist, architect, agriculturalist, archaeologist, paleontologist, violinist, cryptographer, inventor, surveyor, author, lawyer, the founder of the University of Virginia and with all of these talents and skills is also the author of The Declaration of Independence. Many people would believe this to be an accomplishment and

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