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Thomas Jefferson By Stephen Harker It is hard to believe that a baby born in 1743 in a British colony could ever be a major figure head for one of the most powerful nations in the world. This however is just what happened for Thomas Jefferson who took part in the revolutionary war, wrote the declaration of independence, and served as the president for the United States. Most believe that Jefferson was only known for writing the declaration of independence, but while this was one of his major accomplishments he also had many more. His intelligence was not only inspiring for his own peers but also is for all generations now and probably to come. Thomas Jefferson was an extraordinary man who lived a fairly ordinary and simple life. He was born in Shadwell, Virginia on April 13, 1743. His Father, Peter Jefferson was a Virginia planter who became wealthy by his own means and married Jefferson’s mother Jane Jefferson who came from the well known colonial family, the Randolphs. Thomas Jefferson had a somewhat average education for that time; he attended private schools as a boy up to being a teenager. Upon turning seventeen he enrolled at the College of William and Mary, the year being 1760, where he studied literature, philosophy, science, and law. He started practicing law in 1767 when he was admitted to the Virginia Bar where he remained for two years whereupon he was elected into the Virginia House of Burgesses, which marked his political career debut. The Declaration of Independence is the most important political document in the history of America and it is credited to Thomas Jefferson who wrote the original draft. To expand Robert Ginsberg states the Declaration “is the most widely known and influential secular document in the history of the world” and this is true. Jefferson is known as the father of the Declaration because although there were

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