Thomas Green Case Summary

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1. Personality, agenda’s, expectations, and working styles: a. Thomas Green i. Charismatic ii. Knows how to effectively sell to clients face-to-face but does not support his arguments with data iii. After being recruited to Dynamic Displays, he wanted to climb the managerial ladder fairly quickly. iv. He states that he made it his mission to get noticed immediately. He successfully did it by completing a contract for one of the largest airline carries in just 4 months of working with Dynamic Displays. v. Shannon McDonald took him under her wing since they really hit it off because they are both University of Georgia alumni and Georgia natives. b. Shannon McDonald i. VP of Travel Division. VP promotion on November 2006. ii. She previously worked for…show more content…
He had expected to choose the next Senior Market Specialist and it would not have been Green. iv. Expert in his area. Knows best for that particular division for Dynamic Displays. v. Davis has power over Green because of his organizational position and experience. vi. Davis has authority over Green 2. How have they each made this situation better or worse? a. Thomas Green i. Did not seek guidance from more seasoned managers like McDonald had suggested ii. He directly confronted Davis on his alleged propositions for 2008 sales iii. His lack of enthusiasm in the company has affected how well he performs b. Shannon McDonald i. Did not directly respond to the first email Davis sent her. ii. Although in the second email Davis sent her, she CC’d Green and gave him the opportunity to give his side of the story. She wanted to hear both perspectives before she made a decision. c. Frank Davis i. He did not CC Green in the second email. Green had to find out through a copy that sent to him by interoffice mail. ii. He did conduct two meetings with Green that allowed them to try to point out the problems and try to come to a conclusion. 3. What could each have done differently? a. Thomas
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