Thomas Green Case Study

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Thomas Green Case Study Introduction The students of GCU were informed that we had to write a paper analyzing "Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis". Describe how the expectations of Thomas Green differ from those of Frank Davis. What are the individual agendas of Frank Davis and Shannon McDonald, the treatment of each other and what personal power bases are used? Also using French and Raven's bases of power who used them more effectively and who abused them. Green and Davis’ Expectations When Green started working for Dynamic Display in September 2007, he hit the ground running like any new Senior Market Specialist would. He spent the first week or so reviewing the records from 2006 and 2007 year to date sales so he could get a better understanding on what was going on and if any improvements could be seen. During this time Green spent some time with his new boss Frank Davis meeting clients. At this time Davis informed Green that the clients responded well to his ideas but next time he needed to show them some data that supported his ideas. During the 2008 Budget Plan meeting Davis projections for Greens eastern region sales was an estimated 10% growth for the year. Green expressed his concern to Davis during this meeting letting him know that this was unrealistic in which caused some friction between them. On October 15, 2007, Green meets with Davis to go over his evaluation performance. Davis went over areas of concerns like not keeping him informed of his schedule, not answering the phone, sending reminders with no answers and the lack of updates. Three months later, Green had another performance review with Davis in which he talked about his lack of effort and enthusiasm within the organization. At this time, Green said that he felt he was being micromanaged on everything he was doing. Davis informed Green that

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