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Thomas Edison Born on February 11th 1874, Thomas Alva Edison became one of the greatest influences on modern life in America and around the world. Edison was an influential businessman, scientist, and inventor. He discovered many different things that adapted our technology and invented essential items we use everyday such as the light bulb and the phonograph. Thomas Edison was an important figure in American history because of his contributions as a scientist and inventor, contributions as a businessman, and influences on modern society. Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, the second largest shipping center in the world at the time. His family was middle class and his parents were Samuel Edison and Nancy Elliott. When he was seven years old his family moved away to Port Huron, Michigan. Edison had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), so his mother withdrew him from school and began to home-school him. He always had a thirst for science and eventually his parents became incapable of providing the education he wanted. Now he was beginning to thrive adulthood. He had been selling newspapers, snacks, and candy, but at age 12, he decided to start his own business selling fruits and vegetables. He had been selling these materials at a train station, and when he was 14, he saved the station master's son from being hit by a boxcar. In return for his heroic actions, the stationmaster taught Edison how to communicate through Morse code, and use the telegraph. He gave Edison the job as a replacement for one of the other telegraph operators. This career led to his first invention; the automatic repeater. This invention helped with the difficulty and accuracy of translation of the Morse code. Eventually he got the opportunity of a career as a permanent telegrapher, instead of a replacement, in Boston. Boston was thought to be “the hub of the scientific,

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