Thomas Beckett's Death Essay

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The Knights. The knights had responsibility because his death was at their hand as they were the ones to kill him. They misunderstood the King, who said “Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?”. It was partly the fault of the Knights, who were not brave enough to question these orders, and to refuse to do it, but carried it out anyway. Some also say that the Knights merely overheard Henry muttering childishly about 'wishing Becket's death' and took it to mean that that was their order from the King, and that if they did not do so, they would be killed. The King It was Henry II that ordered Becket's death, but he did not kill him personally, he ordered his knights to do it. It can easily be said that they may have been killed themselves if they questioned Henry's orders. So, maybe it was all Henry's fault. It was mostly Henry's fault, for ordering Becket's death, but, he didn't order Becket's death for a reason. The church was claiming way more power than the King, and everybody was following the Church instead of him, this annoyed Henry. Becket It could've been Thomas Becket him self's fault as he should have listened to the King and followed his orders, also he used to be best friends with King Henry !! Becket was willing to die in honor of the Church. He thought, that we he could become a mater and go directly to heaven. My Conclusion I think that Thomas Becket, himself was responsible for his death because he was willing to die for the Church to become a mater. He did not even put u a fight for his life, but he took the opportunity to go straight to heaven in his grasp. That is why I think Becket was to blame for his own

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