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Exploring Psychology Paper Assignment Sheet 20% of Grade The purpose of this assignment is for you to thoroughly examine a specific topic in psychology and to make an informed decision on where you stand on an issue. You will write a paper reflecting your research on the topic, your personal belief system, and how the two fit (or do not fit) together. Your audience for this paper will be the college campus. While your instructor will be doing the final grading, you will want to present information in a manner that a novice to psychological literature would have a clear understanding of where you are coming from and where you are going with your paper. You will be sharing information from professional literature, relevant information regarding your faith or personal belief system as well as building a strong rationale for your personal stance on the subject. This assignment will give you an opportunity to gain experience: * thinking critically * examining scholarly literature in the field of psychology * using databases and library resources available at the college * communicating your ideas clearly in writing * using APA format * utilizing time management in meeting deadlines * providing helpful feedback to your learning partners This assignment will be completed in several steps. Each step has its own due date and points included towards the final grade for the paper. Step 1 – Proposal for paper 10 points Step 2 – Annotated Bibliography 15 points Step 3 – First Draft of Paper 35 points Step 4 – Final Draft 140 points Total for assignment 200 points Step 1: Paper Proposal (10 points) Required Length: 1 page Due Date: Choose your topic in psychology from the list provided and do a preliminary examination of how it fits with your personal belief system. Write a

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