This Side of Paradise

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Kerrigan Toth Ac. English 11 Pd. 10 3/28/13 Thematic Analysis Themes Of This Side Of Paradise Thesis: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, This Side Of Paradise, portrays the themes of isolation in relation to social status and money, failure, and the frailness of relationships. This novel presents information about how isolating social classes can be, because they solely focus on money and excess. The people are biased towards the ones with the money and power. In consequence, people end up lacking in certain social skills that would ideally help them become successful in life. It also expresses how hard it is finding and keeping the American Dream, and how love does not always last. Basically, what Fitzgerald is out to teach us with this novel is that it is difficult to make it in life with such corruption and bias. He also reveals that life is not always in one’s favor, and that people need to find a way to deal with the judgment of others while learning to deal with failure and emotional burdens. I. Introduction A. Hook- It is very difficult to deal with the harsh judgment from others, especially when one is constantly faced with failure B. Introduction- Novel written about struggling young Amory, faced with failure, corruption, love, difficult times C. Thesis statement D. Transition to brief synopsis of the novel- Amory grows up with corruption, sent away to school, does not acquire necessary skills critical to being an adult, deals with a lot of bad relationships, struggles with finding himself, ends up alone and lost II. Novel Synopsis E. Basic plotlines and characters F. Other vital information- Amory lacks hard working skills, struggles with alcoholism G. Importance of novel- Portrays the time Fitzgerald lived in, expresses his views on the era, exposes corruption in society H. Transition
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