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Group DARNA: Haspe, Vega Malanum, Rhea Verzosa, Ranica Work Breakdown Structure Task ID Task Name Duration (days) Discrepancy Status 1 Design Phase 30 Open 1.1 Development database design document 15 Open 1.1.1 Staging database design 10 Open 1.1.2 Suspense database design 10 Open 1.2 Development rejects-handling design document 8 1.1.1, 1.1.2 Open 1.2.1 Rejects-handling engine design 9 Open 1.3 Develop application design 10 Open 1.3.1 Group consolidation and business reporting 9 Open (GCBR) maintenance application design 1.4 Exact, transform, load (ETL) design document 4 Open 1.4.1 Data export utility design 4 Open 1.5 Application design document 25 Open 1.5.1 Web entry application UI design 25 Open 1.5.2 Web entry forms and database model validation 15 Open 1.6 Functional requirements document 10 Open 1.6.1 Application Design 15 Open User Authentication 5 Open Call logging 5 Open Search 3 Open RISK ASSESSMENT Risk #1: Since the group members of the team have not trained in Microsoft Access prior to this project, the development of this system liable will be slowed. Likelihood of risk: Medium probability of risk Potential Impact on the project: This risk likely will increase the time to construct the design and execute programming tasks. Ways to address this risk: It is very important that time and resources are allocated to up-front training in Microsoft Access for the programmers who are used for this project. Sufficient training will reduce the risk of increase in executing tasks when programming begins.

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