This Land Was Ourz Analysis

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PLAYLIST "This Land Was Ourz" - War Party Hip-Hop originated from a New York DJ known as Kool Herc. He mixed spoken rhyme with reggae and it was well received in the New York crowd. Eventually he started chanting over the instrumental part of popular music and it quickly caught on from there. Years later, it evolved into a new genre of music known as hip hop followed largely by African Americans. Hip-hop has become a lifestyle, with its unique slang, fashion, and culture. Since then it has been a way to convey thought provoking messages like the ones in this song. Bitterness and resentment could be felt through the artist of this song. Native Americans performed this song and they rapped about their horrid past and about looking forward and…show more content…
The festival begins with the performers singing a flag song and dancers carrying different tribe’s flags. In addition to the song and dance competitions, Powwows may also include beauty pageants or arts and crafts competitions. This piece of song is a powwow dance competition song. Powwow music is based on Plains Indian music. The vocals start in a high range and descend down. This song is all vocals, no word spoken. The vocals are repeated again and again by a group of people. There is a constant drum beating which serves as the beat to which the performers can dance to because it is a dance competition song. The drum is laid down horizontally and the members beat it with a long mallet or a…show more content…
Slaves were taught to learn Christianity which the owners hope would push the slaves into working harder, being more obedient, and be more compliant. Spiritual songs were sometimes known to contain secret, coded messages in them to coordinate an escape for the slaves. Steal Away to Jesus truly did in fact contain a secret message in it. The song, along with other signals transmitted codes to the slaves to organize and escape. To the slave owners, the song seems like another spiritual song, but to the slaves this was the difference between slavery and freedom. Slave owners encouraged spiritual songs because it encouraged Christianity, but in fact Steal Away to Jesus is a double meaning song which only worked if the slave owners did not catch

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